Yianni Stamas Talks Briefly Regarding the Home Business Awards Recognizing Home Business Achievers Who are Making a Difference in their Communities

An Awards Show for Every Single, Solitary Home Business Owner Out There Who has Been Able to Get Their Home Business Up and Running

Hi everybody, Yianni Stamas here writing this brief post with the hope that you will get at least some value out of, if only in a small way. Before diving in I wanted to mention that I today I am making the rounds and will be doing similar short posts at three other Blog Coalition sites including USA Make a Difference, Home Business Achievers, and Home Business Digital. Okay then, on with it. I admire every, single, solitary home business owner out there who has been able to get their home business up and running. If you are one of these home business achievers, you should know that you have made a big accomplishment, something that many dream of and maybe have even tried, But sadly, statistics support the fact that many fail quite early on. So if you are a survivor, especially in these days of the internet, give yourself a pat on the back. If I was able to do so digitally right now, I would hand you a Home Business Awards trophy right now. As mentioned just a second ago, today I am also doing a quick post at USA Make a Difference.

Imagine a World Before the Internet

I must confess, I am old enough to have known a world before there was such a thing as the internet. And pre-web I was faced with many of the same challenges that home business owners come upon. I am sometimes asked if before there was such a thing as going online, was it easier or harder to run a business? My response is that there are pros and cons for both. For example, we now have search engine and social media access at our finger tips which offers us both free and paid ways to connect with customers. This is a terrific thing that did not exist back in the stone ages of my youth. But back then, because of having to rely on in-person interaction, there was a value to that which is difficult to exactly replicate despite there now being video chat and other means of communication. That is why one of the ways that the Home Business Awards recognizes home business accomplishments is when it is clear that an entrepreneur has been able to make digital interaction more personal and life changing.

The Home Business Awards Recognizes Home Business Achievers

Especially if you are thinking of starting a home business, or maybe have just launched one, although it is often very difficult to do, remaining patient and looking at the big picture can sometimes help. In other words, to keep hope alive and therefore to have drive and determination, as the tired (and never more relevant than today) saying goes, it is all about how you pick yourself up after each fall. Just stand up, dust yourself off, then jump in again with great vigor. You must believe in yourself to have those you meet believe in you. Belief in yourself, whether it be deserved or being “in denial” gets you through the gate of opportunity. It is because of the importance of the art of blasting through struggles that the Home Business Awards were created in the first place. Acknowledging home business owners who continue to grow their entrepreneurial ventures despite adversity, reminds us all of the importance to remain hopeful. Judging who is a true Home Business Achiever is not just about looking at how much money that person is making, but is instead consists of viewing that individual from a human perspective and what is motivating them both fiscally as well as in terms of their desire to help their community.

Finding Gold

To become a home business achiever, it helps to have knowledge in areas such as Home Business Digital. We live in a digital society. And although we are grateful to digital for having information at our fingertips for business development, the reality is that this same info can also be accessed also by competitors. So, the hill to get over is to have within reach something that no one else does. If you have your finger on the pulse of something that is greatly needed but for which there is limited access to, you can become more and more successful at a fast pace. Needless to say, always remember family, friends and those in your neighborhood. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. This is Yianni Stamas signing out.