On the 4th of July, a Work-in-Progress project known as “Method How” Did a Pre-Launch as a Beta Phase, and You Can Too!

Stop trying to fix yourself, stop delaying becoming a Home Business Achiever until you win an award!
– USA Magician

Some people call it “procrastinating.” We call it distracting yourself. Something humans do (and I know they do because I am one) is saying,

“When I do this [fill in the blank], I will then do this [fill in the blank].

Let’s face it. Statistically speaking, you likely do it. How do I know you might be prone to doing this?

Because I do it. Rather than go “blah, blah blah” about accepting the beautiful person who you are inside. Instead of you wasting time on hating yourself, or not hating yourself but are a bit deluded, either is fine. And like we said, it can even help.

So how do you get started? It is a good idea to have a plan. Creating this plan is an interesting topic in and of itself. You need to have a “Method How” to do what you want to do. You know. That big dream you are so passionate about. And since USA Magician had input into this post, he wants you to know that you can do it.

You can truly experience with your business or business work-in-progress, “The Magic of the American Dream.” I know. Gag me with a spoon that is so cheesy. But USA Magician means it sincerely and there is nothing wrong with reaching your dreams.

The good news is that if you are in America, you have an edge right away. And depending on what kind of business you have or want to start; living in Manhattan, NY, can be very energizing. But even if you do not live in either of these, you can still slowly but surely move forward even if you are not motivated.

Before diving into your passion, find out if that goal you are enthusiastically pursuing is aligned with an audience desperate for what you offer because no one else has it.
– USA Magician

Are you broken? Terrific. So are a lot of other people. The best thing about being broken is that if you can still get something done, you have a shot. And remember, being broken is a problem, and you are promoting solutions to problems. Dig deeply to find a solution to that problem. And, you guessed, could become the basis for something such as a learning-based product that you can deliver digitally.

Document your thoughts. Others are paralyzed with fear, as well as fear their fear. Only those who decide to make that fear into a learning-based product, win. They win the award. They win the “I am full of fear, so I am going to teach you how not to be.”

Seriously. It works. Try it. Follow all the steps and even if you think you did a poor job of it, test it out. One online strategy is to initially give your product out for no cost who will give you feedback.

Through the use of this approach, you can build interest by mentioning it in your blog or any other of your digital assets do a poor job of it and you will win big. Why? Because not fully solving something means there is more to be solved and that converts into never running out of digital learning-based products’ content. Hey, it’s America!