Digital Transformation as a Way to Win: ‘Yea or Nay’?

Welcome One and All to the Official Website of the Home Business Awards

Great to see you everyone! We always appreciate it when web surfers stop to take a look at what we are doing, because it is something that myself and my pro project peers believe is vital to keeping the home business achievers everywhere keep it moving forward with lots of energy, hope and imagination. In this post we will briefly touch on the topic of Digital Transformation and its pros and cons.

What is Digital Transformation?

In its most basic definition, Digital Transformation is when the website of a business that has little or no digital automation, is then endowed with eCommerce components. The general consensus among small businesses, especially those in service and other industries that rely heavily on in-person interaction with their customers.

This kind of business had a very difficult time, and continues to have one, because the pandemic has been disruptive, causing many businesses reliant on actually physically being in the same room as customers, to fold completely, or at the very least be holding on by a string. But other businesses, especially with a digital component, actually did better during the pandemic than before it.

Why? Because companies like those that serve up streaming video entertainment or others with advanced chat capabilities of both audio and video, thrived in that they became the go to way to experience entertainment as well as being facilitators of businesses.

It became clear that it was not necessary to have to have “face time” as much as used to be thought. Instead, participants in the corporate environment saved bundles on travel, by having meetings which most participants were doing so remotely.

What About Awards?!

But wait. What does all this have to do with the Home Business Awards? The HBAs would have never been possible if digital online did not exist. Digital transformation was quickly done with the early conceiving of this awards show. It opened up remote participation nationally and internationally.

Knowing that everything was going to be virtual was a real lifesaver. We will be able to put together a board of those who bring in nominees with participation from business owners and creators all over the world. Our hope is to even be half as successful as the Platinum PIAs were, the awards show that for a decade, each year recognized those who were making a difference in their communities both online and off.

As stated, the very presence of the Home Business Awards is only possible thanks to the digital domain. And for this reason, also being developed is Home Business Digital.