Winning an AWARD Is Bound To Make An Impact In Your Business, But what is the “Method How” to Even Getting Nominated?

You Did Not Hear it Here but Campaigning Could Land You that HBA

The Hidden Mystery Behind AWARDS

Through the Home Business Achievers network, it has become exceedingly clear that we do not share enough online about what exactly winning a “Home Business Award” means, how we nominate, and ultimately how to we select winners? The quick answer is that winning a “Home Business Aware” means that your peers value what you do in terms of sharing with the community as well as your success history. Admiration is how we nominate nominees, and when you are selected to win a HBA there are folks out there who think you are doing well as a Home Business role model.

What is the “Method How” to Right this Moment Be a Winner in Your Field therefore Making it More Likely You will Soon Get an AWARD?

In theory you are not supposed to seek getting an award and should really focus on being a good Home Business Achiever and focus on your business. Of course that is not how it works usually and yes, those who make it clear that they want to get the community behind them to win a HBA becomes more likely to do so.

Being A Beacon in Your Industry is Partially Tied to You Accepting at Least One Relevant AWARD

As just mentioned you probably would be more likely to win a Home Business Award if you were to promote your interest in the community that you want one. Do we recommend you do this kind of campaigning? No, of course not. But like we said, making your ambitions known is probably the key to opening that door.

On the 4th of July, a Work-in-Progress project known as “Method How” Did a Pre-Launch as a Beta Phase, and You Can Too!

Stop trying to fix yourself, stop delaying becoming a Home Business Achiever until you win an award!
– USA Magician

Some people call it “procrastinating.” We call it distracting yourself. Something humans do (and I know they do because I am one) is saying,

“When I do this [fill in the blank], I will then do this [fill in the blank].

Let’s face it. Statistically speaking, you likely do it. How do I know you might be prone to doing this?

Because I do it. Rather than go “blah, blah blah” about accepting the beautiful person who you are inside. Instead of you wasting time on hating yourself, or not hating yourself but are a bit deluded, either is fine. And like we said, it can even help.

So how do you get started? It is a good idea to have a plan. Creating this plan is an interesting topic in and of itself. You need to have a “Method How” to do what you want to do. You know. That big dream you are so passionate about. And since USA Magician had input into this post, he wants you to know that you can do it.

You can truly experience with your business or business work-in-progress, “The Magic of the American Dream.” I know. Gag me with a spoon that is so cheesy. But USA Magician means it sincerely and there is nothing wrong with reaching your dreams.

The good news is that if you are in America, you have an edge right away. And depending on what kind of business you have or want to start; living in Manhattan, NY, can be very energizing. But even if you do not live in either of these, you can still slowly but surely move forward even if you are not motivated.

Before diving into your passion, find out if that goal you are enthusiastically pursuing is aligned with an audience desperate for what you offer because no one else has it.
– USA Magician

Are you broken? Terrific. So are a lot of other people. The best thing about being broken is that if you can still get something done, you have a shot. And remember, being broken is a problem, and you are promoting solutions to problems. Dig deeply to find a solution to that problem. And, you guessed, could become the basis for something such as a learning-based product that you can deliver digitally.

Document your thoughts. Others are paralyzed with fear, as well as fear their fear. Only those who decide to make that fear into a learning-based product, win. They win the award. They win the “I am full of fear, so I am going to teach you how not to be.”

Seriously. It works. Try it. Follow all the steps and even if you think you did a poor job of it, test it out. One online strategy is to initially give your product out for no cost who will give you feedback.

Through the use of this approach, you can build interest by mentioning it in your blog or any other of your digital assets do a poor job of it and you will win big. Why? Because not fully solving something means there is more to be solved and that converts into never running out of digital learning-based products’ content. Hey, it’s America!

Digital Transformation as a Way to Win: ‘Yea or Nay’?

Welcome One and All to the Official Website of the Home Business Awards

Great to see you everyone! We always appreciate it when web surfers stop to take a look at what we are doing, because it is something that myself and my pro project peers believe is vital to keeping the home business achievers everywhere keep it moving forward with lots of energy, hope and imagination. In this post we will briefly touch on the topic of Digital Transformation and its pros and cons.

What is Digital Transformation?

In its most basic definition, Digital Transformation is when the website of a business that has little or no digital automation, is then endowed with eCommerce components. The general consensus among small businesses, especially those in service and other industries that rely heavily on in-person interaction with their customers.

This kind of business had a very difficult time, and continues to have one, because the pandemic has been disruptive, causing many businesses reliant on actually physically being in the same room as customers, to fold completely, or at the very least be holding on by a string. But other businesses, especially with a digital component, actually did better during the pandemic than before it.

Why? Because companies like those that serve up streaming video entertainment or others with advanced chat capabilities of both audio and video, thrived in that they became the go to way to experience entertainment as well as being facilitators of businesses.

It became clear that it was not necessary to have to have “face time” as much as used to be thought. Instead, participants in the corporate environment saved bundles on travel, by having meetings which most participants were doing so remotely.

What About Awards?!

But wait. What does all this have to do with the Home Business Awards? The HBAs would have never been possible if digital online did not exist. Digital transformation was quickly done with the early conceiving of this awards show. It opened up remote participation nationally and internationally.

Knowing that everything was going to be virtual was a real lifesaver. We will be able to put together a board of those who bring in nominees with participation from business owners and creators all over the world. Our hope is to even be half as successful as the Platinum PIAs were, the awards show that for a decade, each year recognized those who were making a difference in their communities both online and off.

As stated, the very presence of the Home Business Awards is only possible thanks to the digital domain. And for this reason, also being developed is Home Business Digital.

Yianni Stamas Talks Briefly Regarding the Home Business Awards Recognizing Home Business Achievers Who are Making a Difference in their Communities

An Awards Show for Every Single, Solitary Home Business Owner Out There Who has Been Able to Get Their Home Business Up and Running

Hi everybody, Yianni Stamas here writing this brief post with the hope that you will get at least some value out of, if only in a small way. Before diving in I wanted to mention that I today I am making the rounds and will be doing similar short posts at three other Blog Coalition sites including USA Make a Difference, Home Business Achievers, and Home Business Digital. Okay then, on with it. I admire every, single, solitary home business owner out there who has been able to get their home business up and running. If you are one of these home business achievers, you should know that you have made a big accomplishment, something that many dream of and maybe have even tried, But sadly, statistics support the fact that many fail quite early on. So if you are a survivor, especially in these days of the internet, give yourself a pat on the back. If I was able to do so digitally right now, I would hand you a Home Business Awards trophy right now. As mentioned just a second ago, today I am also doing a quick post at USA Make a Difference.

Imagine a World Before the Internet

I must confess, I am old enough to have known a world before there was such a thing as the internet. And pre-web I was faced with many of the same challenges that home business owners come upon. I am sometimes asked if before there was such a thing as going online, was it easier or harder to run a business? My response is that there are pros and cons for both. For example, we now have search engine and social media access at our finger tips which offers us both free and paid ways to connect with customers. This is a terrific thing that did not exist back in the stone ages of my youth. But back then, because of having to rely on in-person interaction, there was a value to that which is difficult to exactly replicate despite there now being video chat and other means of communication. That is why one of the ways that the Home Business Awards recognizes home business accomplishments is when it is clear that an entrepreneur has been able to make digital interaction more personal and life changing.

The Home Business Awards Recognizes Home Business Achievers

Especially if you are thinking of starting a home business, or maybe have just launched one, although it is often very difficult to do, remaining patient and looking at the big picture can sometimes help. In other words, to keep hope alive and therefore to have drive and determination, as the tired (and never more relevant than today) saying goes, it is all about how you pick yourself up after each fall. Just stand up, dust yourself off, then jump in again with great vigor. You must believe in yourself to have those you meet believe in you. Belief in yourself, whether it be deserved or being “in denial” gets you through the gate of opportunity. It is because of the importance of the art of blasting through struggles that the Home Business Awards were created in the first place. Acknowledging home business owners who continue to grow their entrepreneurial ventures despite adversity, reminds us all of the importance to remain hopeful. Judging who is a true Home Business Achiever is not just about looking at how much money that person is making, but is instead consists of viewing that individual from a human perspective and what is motivating them both fiscally as well as in terms of their desire to help their community.

Finding Gold

To become a home business achiever, it helps to have knowledge in areas such as Home Business Digital. We live in a digital society. And although we are grateful to digital for having information at our fingertips for business development, the reality is that this same info can also be accessed also by competitors. So, the hill to get over is to have within reach something that no one else does. If you have your finger on the pulse of something that is greatly needed but for which there is limited access to, you can become more and more successful at a fast pace. Needless to say, always remember family, friends and those in your neighborhood. I am looking forward to seeing what you come up with. This is Yianni Stamas signing out.

Give Yourself an Award!

Affirm Your Daily Wins

We believe that those who are in the process of creating their own home business should receive awards, prizes, and recognition for their efforts daily. Of course, we mean this in a figurative sense, not literal. The concept of an “award” is being nice to yourself and affirming the wins you make daily.

It Takes Hard Work

Look, it is not easy developing and implementing the facets that are necessary behind-the-scenes to make your emerging home business function properly. Those saying that having a home business is easy and instantly profitable, have either never had such a business, or already have at their disposal an up and running business or sought-after skillset.

Make Your Vision a Reality

Remember, regarding your goods or services, you want to make sure that the home business you start is based on an industry that you already have knowledge of, or that you are passionate about and therefore will be motivated to uncover the info you need to make your vision a reality.

Work from Home May Stick with Us

No Need for Expensive Office Space

If you win a Home Business Award, it likely means that you are making a difference in your community while also being a home business acheiver. Home Business Achievers is a place where HBA from every walk of life join to focus on developing and running a home business. This is a circumstance of the Pandemic that is one of the perks about staying indoors all the time: you don’t need expensive office space or other gear.

No Expensive Office Needed

For me it used to mean that starting a new business required having decent office space to prove to your clients or future customers that you were a professional to be trusted. Now with COVID-19, Remote Working has become the norm from entrepreneurship to the corporate elite.

Now All You Need is to Solve a Problem

Can you think of a problem that the audience you with to target has? Much like finding undervalued companies when investing in stocks, to succeed you must figure out a very real problem that your target demographic either has or do not yet know that they have. Once finding such a problem to be solved, chances are you figured out this problem by solving a problem in your own business life. Now from the comfort of your own home with just a laptop and a dream, you can make your home business achievers dream a reality! And maybe even win a Home Business Award!

Yianni Stamas on Technology

Yianni Stamas, a creative strategies consultant from USA Make a Difference, talks about how digital online technologies can help make a difference in the lives of Americans.


So what is “digital” and how will it help a country in chaos?


Just as COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire, Digital Transformation is overtaking our country also. The difference between the two is that the latter can be a force for good and can help us work together to create a prosperous country. We live in an information economy and as digital content continues to grow as a tools for individuals, small businesses, nonprofits and startups, the future appears brighter.


How are you using digital technology?


We started a website called USA Make a Difference as a cry out to the United States of America to come together for the common good through the use of technology. The message of USA Make a Difference is simple, we aim to empower those in need of more knowledge and help in the digital sector.


Some of our readers are unclear as to the role that the Home Business Awards will play in this Digital Transformation.

As you know Home Business Awards has been chosen along with other awards shows, to partcipate in an outreach campaign for the “U.S. Make a Difference” Awards. You’ll note that USA Make a Difference is the organization and U.S. Make a Difference is the awards component.

As Nominations Pour in for HBAs, We are Taking a Look at What People’s Desks Reflect

You Have Made a Difference

Not a lot of time until the Home Business Awards. Have you been nominated for one? If so, worry not, You are someone who others consider to have made a difference in her community.

Can a Desk Be a Window into Who You Are?

It really is quite an honor. We know how hard you have worked. One thing we have done for fun is have nominees submit what their desk looks like. It is really out of curiosity. For example, the desk above is quite neat while others we have seen are not.

What Does Your Desk Look Like?

For the record, I personally do not use a desk much. I am writing this cross-legged with my laptop in front of me. What does your desk look like? Does it reflect who you are?

Biting Off More Than You Can Chew

What is Vital?

A pretty straight forward phrase. It’s something you don’t want to do. Or do you? Technically when you bite off more than you can chew means taking on too much. But truth be told, you being uncomfortable in the process is sometimes vital.

Where Does “Inspiration” Come From?

For me this is the writing a novel in the face of everything else I have to do: working on other projects and most importantly, keeping my clients happy. Some of us stare at the screen for long periods of time before getting inspiration, or not being moved to type.

Push Yourself

Just start typing. Even if you think you’ve bitten of more than you can chew, just starting to type is what is most important. Today you may hate what you have written, but tomorrow you might like it. So yes, please bite off more than you can chew.

Ready or Not Here We Come!

Already people are asking me “What is the Home Business Awards?” To which I reply “It is an awards show that recognizes home business owners not only for their success but also for the way that they make a difference in their online and offline communities.”

Then they say they had heard that the awards work in tandem with other Home Marketing websites. To which I respond that, that information is correct and that the sites in addition to us are Home Business Digital and Home Business eLearning. And I throw in that the three of us are managed by yet another Home Business web presence which is Home Business Achievers.

And then I manage to get myself onto the other side of the person making my way to the stage curtain which I slip through so I face the audience as I shout out “Ready or not here we come!”