Home Business Awards is in partnership with Home Business Digital and Home Business E-Learning. All three of these blogs are managed by a fourth site which is Home Business Achievers.

Home Business Awards is the new name of the Platinum PIAs. The PIAs were a “casual dress-up” event held annually for ten consecutive years in some of the most prestigious venues in Manhattan, NY. These included the Tribeca Screening Room with the reception afterwards catered by the Tribeca Grill.

The word PIA is an acronym for Passionate Individual Achievers. These achievers were all kinds of businesses owners, many of whom had home businesses. They received Platinum PIAs for making a difference in their communities both online and off.

Then in 2020 due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and having to stay indoors, more and more home businesses sprung up, most of them online. Hence the decision was made to change the awards show’s name from Platinum PIAs to Home Business Awards also known as the HBAs.

The HBAs continue the mission of the PIAs by recognizing home based business owners who are making a difference in their communities either online or offline, or both. And currently, because of the Corona Virus, the HBAs are being done in an online video streaming format coming to you live from New York City!

During the course of the year between awards ceremonies, the HBAs team up with the company that manages them, Home Business Achievers, along with partners Home Business Digital and Home Business E-Learning, .

These four websites search for awards show nominees who are going above and beyond with their with the community. Sometimes nominees come from clients of the Home Business Achievers organization.

These clients are Home Business owners who hire the Home Business Achievers organization to create for them customized Online Marketing Tools including blogs, email marketing and much more.

This is done in conjunction with also providing these owners with Home Business E-Learning E-Books. Up to three eBooks are free to any marketing tools customer.

Because of the education contained in these E-books, some clients decide to go it on their own with what they have learned. While other HBA clients hire the managing company Home Business Achievers to do newsletters and campaigns for them. This is done on an ongoing basis throughout they year to keep their blog and tools fresh as well as optimizing them for getting better results.

Regardless of the path taken to get there, the Home Business Awards celebrates and recognizes Home Business Achievers who are making a difference in their communities both online and off. If you know of a business owner who seems to fit the bill, please contact us.